You will find here all the material for Week 1 of our ML boot camp.

1. You will find pdf ebook (one of my favourates): Go through chapter 1 and 2 ( dont worry if you dont understand anything ) YOu will find how to install ANACONDA, you all must have this installed.

Jupyter notebookes are where we would code and interact with python. We will be using this in all our classes.

2. How you use jupyter notebook - you can read the Jupyter Notebook Documentation here

 a. Click on start menu and type - Anaconda prompt
 b. the command prompt navigate to your desktop, google how to use command prompt (google would be your best freind, i want to set you up with these skills early on)
 c. once you have navigated to desktop (or where ever you want to save your notebooks) type "jupyter notebook"
 d. This should open jupyter notebook with the file you downloaded visible - click to open the file.
 e. Read through the Jupyter Notebook Documentation.

if you are note able to do it - dont worry - we will do it together in the next session.

3. Here is another ebook which i find myself going back to at least once a week

4. This is what you must have completed before joining the session on 22nd AUGUST :

 a. Installed Anaconda. (see the details in ebook in link 1)
 b. Be comfortable opening jupyter notebooks. (see the details in ebook in link 1)
 c. Have basic understanding of python (skim throught the second ebook i have shared in links above)

5. Download the Jupyter Notebook i have uploaded in this repositary, in a folder on your PC. Try go through the code, create a new notebook and try replicate some of the stuff or some of the examples from the ebooks i have shared


  • Installed Anaconda.
  • You are able to lauch Jupyter notebooks.
  • You are able to open files saved in this repositary on your jupyter notebooks.
  • Download all the e-books i have provided.
  • Read first few chapters from the ebook : Python for data analysis.
  • Able to recreate examples i have shown in my jupyter notebook (you will find the link above)
  • You have tried out examples given in the ebooks.



Hoping to see you soon in the session.